Life Members & Honorary Life Members

The following have been awarded Life & Honorary Membership for their dedication, support and work with SRACA Queensland Inc over the years.  It is rare for members to be awarded this status, and we want all members to know their names.  They have been chosen by the Management Committee in recognition of services rendered to the Council and its objectives, or who have made an outstanding contribution to the principles and practices of sterilization and/or disinfection and have been elected, by vote unanimously. We would not be who we are as an organisation if not for the hard work of these people, raising the profile of Sterilising Departments both great and small.

       Life Members                                      

          Joseph CHAN

                    Elaine FORSTER

                    Doug FRIEND

                    Edna JOHN

                    David McNAMARA

                   Cecilia NATHAN

                   Elinor RADKE

                   Robyn WILLIAMS


        Honorary Life Members

                    John ALBURY (Late)

                   Andrew BAILEY

                    Lawrie DINGWALL

                  Andrew MELLOY

                  Darryl WILLIAMS (Late)